My Story


Hi! My name is Ginger, also known as gin.

So, what’s my story…Well, this introduction is not nearly enough for you to understand me, but I’ll give you a quick summary!  I’m 46 years old.  Born the baby of 3 on Sept. 11, 1970.  All of my life has been surrounded by “guy” things…So, this might be odd for some of you, but, I don’t own a pair of high heels, I don’t do “girl’s night outs”, and I don’t do drama.

I’ve always loved going to the camp, hunting and fishing with my dad, and anything that had to do with woods, hiking, nature, riding 4 wheelers, and wild animals. All I need in my closet are a pair of jeans, my husband’s Fruit of the Loom white t-shirts, a couple of hoodies and a pair of boots!

My husband and I fell in love with pallet wood during the summer of 2015 when I started a hobby…making pallet signs. It all started there… Anything for free!! LOL…My passion is making a house feel like a home with personalized signs created just for you. I am a “homebody” when I’m not in the outdoors, and making my home feel warm and cozy is a love and a passion that I have found.  I started my business, Gin’s Den, a year ago with an etsy shop and local customers.  I am now working on expanding to my own website with a blog and a store.  I have soooo many ideas that my mind is lost.  Where do I start?  Well, I figured this is the best place!  

I have 2 absolutely fantastic sons (Cole and Seth) and 1 amazing step-son (Cohen). This job pays for their college!!
I have one best friend and sole mate, Michael. After God, he is my rock. So…what’s my story…I’m just an ordinary southern girl born and raised in the bayous of South Louisiana. I’m a retired high school math teacher that loves inspiring people. My husband and I are now partaking in the “empty nest” chapter of our lives and we are ready for our own adventures. We just moved into a new home in which we absolutely LOVE!  

So, yea…that should sum me up…

From left to right, Seth, Michael, Cole, Cohen.
From left to right, Seth, Michael, Cole, Cohen.

We enjoy everything about God, family, nature, hiking, gardening, antiquing, garage sales, mountains, yoga, and taking care of both mind and body mentally, spiritually and physically.
We’ve always been passionate about self-help and striving to become a better person every day. It’s those little reminders, quotes, and bible scriptures that give us strength when we need it the most.

I believe in creating an environment in my home that is personal.  Seeing scriptures and inspirational quotes in a home puts that extra touch that allows us to feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Because of the love and passion I have for this, I want to share it all with others.

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Every day talk to God.

Every day be loving.

Every day be you.