Enjoying Life


Yesterday morning I took Stella on a walk in our new neighborhood.  Well, I should probably rephrase that and say that she took me on a walk!  It was a great opportunity for me to spend 45 minutes allowing myself to rejuvenate.  


I’ve been at a strange place lately.  It’s been 3 months since I’ve retired and sometimes it doesn’t feel real.  I almost feel like I’m on vacation every day.  I still get up at 5:30 most mornings but only to visit and drink coffee with Michael, oh, and sometimes, if I feel up to it, I take care of some household chores. Notice I said sometimes.  Other mornings, 7:30 or 8 am may be my wakeup time because my body is telling me I need to sleep in.  The feeling of working from home is so different than it was when I had a “real job”, like most people would say…I have so much more freedom in my thoughts and my tasks and that freedom leads me to so many different ideas for my life and my new job.  

I work hard, probably as hard as I did when I first began teaching almost 25 years ago.  The long nights, trying to find the best method to be successful, researching and learning from others, listing so many ideas to rise to the challenge, creating new designs, and more.  But now, the challenge is different.  

Over the past year, “CHANGE” was our middle name. Here’s a quick list of things that have happened in late 2015-2016.  

  • August, 2015:  Began Gin’s Den, LLC
  • May, 2016:  Retirement after teaching for 23 years at the same school
  • June, 2016:  Sold house
  • July, 2016:  Moved to a new city while being homeless for a month
  • August, 2016:  Bought house
  • August, 2016:  Sent all 3 sons off to college
  • August, 2016:  The Great Flood of 2016
  • September, 2016:  Built new workshops for Gin’s Den
  • August-October, 2016:  Settling in the new home!  img_2287

Did I happen to mention that I only shut Gin’s Den down for 2 weeks during this whole time?  Yep, I was just too afraid to lose the clientele that I had worked so hard to establish!!

So, here we are now….November 1, 2016 is right around the corner.  I am at a point in my life where I feel like I need to do more.   Go beyond having only an etsy shop, go beyond making the same items over and over, go beyond making pallet signs.  So…here is the beginning of something more

My own website, blog, and store (coming soon).  

My walk yesterday morning gave me time to pray, worship and get in touch with what I am wanting at this time in my life.  My heart and my brain are full of ideas.  I just have to take more time to organize my thoughts and take baby steps through this attempt of making more out of my business than what it has become.

Michael and I often say to one another, “Is this real?”

  • Every Day talk to God
  • Every Day be you
  • Every Day be loving


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