You are why we do what we do

Why's he laughing at me?
"We are thrilled that everyone who purchases 
our handmade signs knows that they are getting 
an authentic Gin's Den piece that will last for years
to come and it will bring joy to their heart."
~ Ginger LaCour
Gin's Den CEO

Hey y’all.  I’m Ginger.

Before I created Gin’s Den, I was a high school math teacher for twenty-three years.  Then, one day, a divorce happened.

As I began a new life, I continued to teach and raise my boys.  A few years later, I got engaged and married my soul mate, Michael.  We lived apart and continued our long distance relationship for a total of 5 years.  I wanted to stay where I was located to continue raising my sons and Michael was in graduate school and was the primary care giver to his aging parents.

After my boys were both in college, I chose to take the path of early retirement and relocated to Woodworth, Louisiana, where Michael and I bought our dream home.

After leaving teaching, I still felt a strong purpose to give and help people.  I prayed and God lead me on a new career path.  Having a master’s degree in Educational Technology and knowing how powerful the internet could be for working from home,  He answered my prayers. I found that painting and designing meaningful wall art was a passion, and making something personal, beautiful and unique that could give people that feeling of inner peace,  joy, and a warmed heart was my purpose.  

I then decided to set out and create the most authentic wood classroom signs for my teacher friends out of my garage, and it was a huge hit. I immediately went to work to open my Etsy shop and that classroom sign is still one of my best sellers today.

This is my first sign I ever made. I sold it to my teacher friends for $20 and I had over 20 orders in a day! I made it out of an old board that I found in my garage.

3 years later,  I work more hours now than I did as a teacher, however, the hours are so much more enjoyable and peaceful.  

I have always been connected to self help and striving to become a better person spiritually, mentally, and physically. This passion of mine has now become a full time job !!

Painting is very relaxing and fulfilling to me, and creating a special unique piece that touches your heart is my passion. I am hoping to share my work with you all and to create something that you fall in love with.

When I’m not working on ginsden, my husband and I love to worship God and we love to experience the outdoors…visiting Colorado mountains, hiking, appreciating nature, yoga, barbecuing, and camping is our passion together.

Follow me as I take you through this journey.

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